Tragicomedy about healthy and sick | Movie Review

A little shameless but damn funny and enjoyable movie

The fabulously wealthy disabled person, Philip (Cluse), who can only move his head, hires a hefty smiling Negro with a dark past (C). A newcomer-immigrant opens a stranger to a stranger’s patron, a world without aristocratic conventions and awakens a taste for life in a miserable cripple

Vital black-skinned ambal for a show is for an interview (without documented attempts to find a job allowance do not give) for the position of a nurse to a wealthy disabled person. First of all, the candidate manages to joke about the employer’s incapacity, to cheat on his secretary and steal a Faberge egg from the front room. The next morning, he was surprised to find that he had been accepted for a probationary period and would now live in the palace. A millionaire chained to a stroller with no less joy learns that when there is nothing more to lose, you can only have fun to the fullest.


For the role of Driss, Omar Si was awarded the Cesar Prize.
Before filming, he had to pump up a bit and lose weight to become like a typical resident of the outskirts.

The picture has already collected 270 million dollars at the world box office and continues to come out all in new territories.

The unconditional hit of the French rental, the picture of Nakash and Toledano works properly in several planes at once. Firstly, it is, of course, a life-affirming film en streaming melodrama in the spirit of “Knockin ‘on Heaven. Deprived of all paralytic finds a true friend, begins to smoke nonsense and reckless on a tuned wheelchair. Secondly, “1 + 1” is a funny, and even based on real events, social fairy tale about the touching unity of French society (many, however, were offended that the authors replaced the Senegalese by helping the Arab assistant). And do not forget about the rather vicious metaphor of a rolling Europe, which, in truth, seems to have only brains. However, having carte blanche on speculation of any kind, the director’s tandem finds the strength to never survive and focuses on history itself. Let not very original, but armor-piercing, bright and accessible to all ages. No wonder Hollywood has already bought remake rights.

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