Best French comedies of recent years | Movie Review

The good news: French comedy is alive, and French humor hasn’t gone anywhere.

If you have not seen these films, then rather include them in your must see list.

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Best French comedies of recent years

Release year: 2007
Director: Jan Kunen
Starring: Jean Dujardin, Jocelyn Kivren

We do not cease to be amazed at the talent of Jean Dujardin, who each time appears in such different images that you can sometimes catch yourself thinking that perhaps these are completely different actors. Perhaps it was with the role of a cynical and narcissistic advertiser that Jean’s popularity began. For this film, he was presented in the nomination of Cesar “The Most Promising Actor.” At the head of this satirical comedy is the hero of Dujardin, Octave, who literally lives in advertising – he can sell anything to anyone and for any money. He is rich, chic women surround him, his life is an alcoholic-drug adventure, which, however, does not always bring him happiness. And, it seems, only an affair with his colleague Sophie, who, to his surprise, really falls in love with, can affect his life. To perceive a picture as a comedy, or, on the contrary, to see elements of a social drama in it, is a matter of taste.


Best French comedies of recent years

Release Year: 2010
Director: Dani Boone
Starring: Benoit Pulvard, Dani Boone

This is the second film from the director Dani Boone in our selection (and this time he also played one of the main roles in it). Now in his 1993 comedy in the yard, the borders between countries are erased, and relations remain strained. In the center of the plot are two border guards standing on the border between France and Belgium, who literally cannot stand each other. They do not tire of constantly exchanging taunts against each other, and only a joint business can melt the ice of these international altercations – they need to stop the flow of drugs into the territory of states together. Interestingly, Dani Boone created a role specifically for the actor Benoit Pulvoord, who immediately after reading the script agreed to play in the film. By the way, Pulward never watches films with his participation, but for the sake of Boone made an exception and attended the comedy premiere.


Best French comedies of recent years

Release year: 2011
Director: Dominic Farruggia
Starring: Frank Dubosc, Richard Berry

To our regret, this French comedy from the director Dominic Farruggia remained in the shadows – in Russia a wide audience is not familiar with it. Which, meanwhile, is completely undeserved, because history, despite a fair amount of absurdity that is far from clear to everyone, will make you at least smile: the seller of alarms is imprisoned for six months for stealing money (he calls it “take in debt ”) in the house of one of the clients. To survive in prison conditions, he comes up with a legend in which he masquerades as the famous safe cracker working under the pseudonym Marquis. His spontaneous story is overgrown with new and surprising details, and as a result reaches a gang of gangsters who steal the unfortunate Marquis from prison a week before the end of his sentence. Now he has a choice: he can either steal 200 million from the Federal Reserve of America, or say goodbye to his life – after all, it is known that jokes are bad with such serious and severe guys.

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