Most popular movies in 2018-2019 | Movie Review

The Lion King(2019)

8.1 /10

The cartoon Lion King of 2019 is a three-dimensional updated movie version of the famous hit from Disney The Lion King. This time the characters are created thanks to computer animation and modern technology. But they still say the same ...

MMPA: PG-13 . Release: 07.2019

Toy Story 4 (2019)

7.8 /10

Cartoon Toy Story 4 returns to the screens of the favorite heroes from Pixar studio and presents the audience a new family adventure with familiar characters and introduces new heroes. The plot continues a series of animated masterpieces Toy Story

MMPA: PG-13 . Release: 06.2019

I am mother (2019)

7.3 /10

Robot Child is an Australian fantasy thriller in an enclosed underground bunker space from debutants: directed by Grant Sputor and screenwriter Michael Lloyd Green. The action will unfold in the distant future with a minimum of actors but a maximum of what is happening ....

MMPA: PG-13 . Release: 07 2019